A Star is Born

A Star is Born

Let me start by saying I’ve seen Lady Gaga (once w/Tony Bennett) in concert twice and she’s a great entertainer and that doesn’t change here. The acting in this movie is really good and you believe these 2 characters on screen are real people.

Jackson Mayne played by Bradley Cooper whom also directed the movie does a great job playing a over the hill country/rock star that is still famous but doesn’t seem to care about anything but music and booze. He’s codependent on alcohol to cope with life and his music is his way of communicating with the world. He’s a broken man from his childhood living with a alcoholic father that got him into drinking at a young age. His older brother is his road manager that’s also his caretaker on nights that he’s had too much to drink.

Ally, played by Lady Gaga is a waitress that loves to sing and write music. She’s raised by a single dad played perfectly by Andrew Dice Clay. Ally has been told numerous times that she has talented but no good looking enough to be anyone. So she sticks to singing in drag bars which is where she meets Jackson for the first time.

That’s the set up but this movie is really about a broken man that uses alcohol as a crutch/codependency to get through life. When he finds Ally, she becomes his new crutch codependency. The chemistry on screen is believable and you really root for Jackson to turn his life around. Ally doesn’t want to just be famous, she just wants Jackson. There’s a lot of background to explain but I won’t spoil the movie for you.

If you’ve known an alcoholic person in your life then you know that they’re always keeping shit bottled up (except the cap) and negativity always just digs a deeper hole. Jackson is that guy that’s trying to fill a void in his life and when he finally does, he screws up and feels like he’s worthless. The movie gets very emotional and sad.

The choices in the movie with the Ally character bothered me but in the end the movie is about Jackson and how he just wants to be loved and have somebody in his life to share it with. Ally gets consumed with being a huge pop star (they basically turn her into Lady Gaga) but she realizes that she’s being turned into something she’s not and wants Jackson on tour with her to perform together so that they can be together. She’s genuinely trying to make it all work but the success of her career has no time for Jackson.

Now think about that. A guy that needs a crutch and that person just doesn’t have time to fit him in. Alcohol, welcome back my friend, I missed you.

It’s a good movie and has 2 stories. One of love and passion of music and one of a broken man that doesn’t know how to cope with life without his alcohol/drugs if he doesn’t have a support system. That is true for people with an addiction. They’re sensitive to negativity and only want more of what they feel will fix/make them feel better. It’s sad to see a man falling apart on screen because Bradley Cooper is so good in this film.

He should get an Oscar nomination and I’m pretty sure the music will be nominated.

Rating: 4 out 5

Great soundtrack for this movie.

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