Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: The Age of Ultron was a fun movie but it had a flaw. You probably saw it and think to yourself, “Flaw, what, did you see the same movie I did?” I did and the flaw in the movie isn’t a costume, story or anything that was missing. The problem is what happens with majority of superhero movies and how the small screen versions of heroes get it right. The latest Batman movies got it right, even though the third one was a complete let down. Can you guess what I’m getting at?

Killing off the bad guys? Nope, kill them all, there are plenty to go around. Plus, it’s a comic book movie, you can always bring them back.

Love/relationships? No, Hulk/Banner and Black Widow/Natasha can get it on, who cares. That aspect was different and good because you would think that these characters would build some type of relationships since they seem to be around each other all of the time.

Captain America swearing? Ha, just had to throw that one in there.

So, it’s not any of those things so what is it?

Warning, spoilers ahead.

The movie gets off to a great start, action out the gate. The Avengers are still on the hunt for Loki’s staff. They attack a Hydra base in Kovia, or some made up Eastern European country. They accomplish their goal and get the staff. We meet the twins, Quick Silver and Scarlett Witch. The staff is still a huge part of the story because it’s the source of power that Hydra uses to build weapons as you know from watching Captain America, Thor, Avengers and Avengers AOU. The thing is we never really find out what the true power of the staff is until now. The power stone inside the staff is the mind stone. It’s how Scarlett Witch got her powers and what creates Ultron/Vision.

So, we have a villain created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner in Ultron. They use the Loki staff to extract its A.I to put into an Iron Man droid. They fail at first but Ultron come to life and his mission is to kill off the human race because that’s what the problem with earth is, humans. That’s the setup, Ultron wants to wipe out human life to start over to create what he feels will be a perfect planet. So now the mighty Avengers need to stop what they created.

So, you have a setup and the good guy’s mission is set in stone.

So, where’s the flaw? We have the Avengers, action, magic, speed, lasers, the Hulk and Veronica (the Hulk Buster).

The flaw is simple and you may not notice it when you watch but it’s this; Ultron was a 5 day villain at best.

This is always a flaw in comic book movies. The villain is established and then it seems like the heroes solve it all within a week. It’s like the villain was just a stop gap in between looking for more Hydra hideouts. I know that stopping Aliens and Ultron is a huge task and you don’t want it to drag out but it makes the bad guys seem pointless in the end. Why didn’t Ultron drag out his plan a bit more? Take out the team one by one and have a plan that was fail safe. The Vision is a smart son of a gun and could probably find Ultron via the internet or Black Widow will use Morse code, yup, that worked.

Unlike Bane in Batman, Ultron didn’t take over a city for months on end and plan things out while running the place how he wanted too. Ultron is no dummy so why make him look like one. Why couldn’t Ultron go dark, plan things, sneak in a Black Panther cameo with him finding Ultron’s base in Africa or Dr. Strange using his voodoo magic to inform the Avengers. I know, it’s a bit too much with 100 characters involved but as fan boys you can never have too many people in costumes.

The flaw is all about timing, how much time the villain has to actually establish his plan. Ultron had no patience, zero and wanted to just jump right into.

So, if this was a timeline this is what it would look like.

Day 1 – Avengers attack Hydra base and get Loki staff

Day 2-4 – Tony and Bruce study staff to create the Ultron program (Thor only gave them those 3 days to study it)

Day 5 – Tony has a party and that’s where Ultron comes to life and escapes

Day 6 – Ultron is in Kosvia (something like that) recruiting Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch and sets his plan in motion

Day 7 – Ultron goes to Africa to acquire vibranium (metal used to make Captain America’s shield) and the Avengers show up and action ensues. Iron Man and Hulk kill hundreds while causing millions of dollars in damage. Makes Superman and Zod look pretty good but then again Superman was trying to stop that earth machine and…. whatever.

Day 8/9 – Avengers hide out at Hawkeyes farm were Nick Fury somehow pop’s up and says some words of encouragement to motivate them. They end up in Korea on Day 10.

Day 10 – Ultron is in Korea to build himself a body (Vision) because he wants to fit in, ah, so sad Pinocchio. Action ensues, Captain America finds out the true nature of Iron Man’s plan through Scarlet Witch. Tony Stark and Bruce Banner have Vision’s body but can’t activate it because of Cap and his new kid friends. Thor show’s up and jump starts Vision with his powers. Oh yeah, Black Widow got kidnapped by Ultron and uses Morse code to contact the Avengers to give them her location of where Ultron is.

Day 11 – We are back in Kosovo or something like that where Ultron is ready to unleash his Ultimate plan.

Day 12 – Avengers back at base with certain members quitting, retiring, joining and THANOS.

So, let’s throw in 4 to 5 days to pad the farm scenes, Thor’s water scene and Ultron’s plan. You basically have a bad guy that had about 15 days to get shit done but failed in the end. Was it his eagerness to implement his plan or his immaturity from being born 12 days ago and not understanding patience? Either way, that’s the flaw in this movie and others. Now we can imagine that it took a month or more but the movie doesn’t imply that and seems as if everything happens one day to the next.

Let’s just hope that Ant-Man expands over 5 years and he learns that he actually created Ultron and Wasp leaves him. Oh yeah, they are 2 of the original members of the Avengers. It’s not easy to show that a movie is set over a long amount of time but I think that needs to be fixed with these movies.

Avengers AOU rating: 3.5/5 (Good movie and no super hero movie is perfect)

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