Avengers: Infinity War

First off let’s start by saying that this movie is the best Marvel movie hands down but the problem with that statement is that there was no way it wasn’t going to be the best Marvel movie because it is the culmination of all the Marvel movies and what they were leading to. That being said Thanos is the best Marvel character in the whole universe.

He’s not necessarily a bad guy he’s not necessarily a good guy he just has an agenda which can be viewed as right and wrong from his point of view. He’s not out for world domination, taking over the universe, defeating one particular individual or wanting to have the Infinity Stones for purpose of Destruction. He does of course create chaos and destroy just about everything in his sight to get those Infinity Stones but his main purpose is to actually bring peace and balance to the universe. It’s such an interesting take on a villain because the whole time we’ve seen him in these movies you think he basically just wants power and he wants to dominate the universe he wants full control of everything. But that is not the case he just wants to bring balance to the universe and in his mind balance means that there is no rich and there is no poor and that there is an equal playing field for everyone and to have an equal playing field a planet must be sustainable for everyone within that equal playing field if that means genocide so that planets don’t run out or planets are only rewarding the rich then he’s there to set a balance to said planet. It’s an interesting take of a Madman that thinks in his mind he’s doing right by eliminating hunger and poor and even rich and more/less creating worlds that everyone can thrive and be equals or as he put it puts it, balanced.

There’s plenty of action to go around and every character that you like in the Marvel Universe gets the treatment you would expect. So, for Thor he’s humorous but he’s a badass along with the Guardians of the Galaxy and of course we got homeless Captain America which it seems he hasn’t changed his clothes in 2 years which is fine, I guess. You got Wakanda which is a huge part of the story just in the sense of the action that takes place there and of course Wakanda technology to try to protect one of the Infinity Stones. You got Space Battles with Ironman and Spider-Man and great cameos in a surprise appearance by an individual that you’ll be like “where did he come from” and where has he been. It really is what you would want from all these movies that have been building up that have to do with the Infinity Stones because as you know not all the movies have to do with the Infinity Stones. A couple of characters are not in the movie but it is explained. It really is an emotional hilarious action-packed roller coaster that does not ever stop.

Some of your favorite Heroes will fall in battle and they will not be returning some of them fight as hard as possible but realize they are not going to win no matter how hard they fight and that’s what’s so good about the movie is that it shows you that there is one individual out there that no matter what powers you possess you really don’t have any hope. But there’s also one hero that knows how to stop this individual and he’s comes very close but to no avail.

The ending of the movie will just stun you and it will all so have you a bit confused as to what’s going to happen next but excited at the same time.

This movie is a 5 out of 5 and where they go from here it’s so up in the air because the way this movie ends who knows what’s in store for the Marvel Universe next. What we do know is that Ant Man comes out in June there for we’ll see if this ties into in anyway but I would doubt it because I’m assuming the Ant-Man movie probably takes place a year prior to this event.

RATING: 5 out of 5

Listen, if you’re here for spoilers, lets go, scroll down.

DEATHS: Gamora, Heimdall, Valkyrie, Loki, Vision

SURPRISE: Red Skull is alive

THANOS WINS! Get’s all stones

Hulk is only in the movie for 2 minutes

Ending is crazy, half the world gets wiped out rapture style and half of all heroes but they’re not dead or are they?

Raptured, Spidey, Dr.Strange, Bucky…. I can’t remember them all but Drax, Black Panther, StarLord, Falcon and Groot.

Antman and Hawkeye aren’t in it because they’re hiding from the Government, thanks Cap, sheesh.

Thor steals the show.

Finally, CAPTAIN MARVEL! You don’t see her but end credits scene involves her.

You know if Superman showed up, he could’ve ended this Thanos crap in 5 minutes.

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