Barbarians (Netflix)

Barbarians (Netflix)

The Netflix series, Barbarians, is based on an actual historic event. The battle of the Teutoburg Forest, in which Germanic fighters faced off against general Varus and the Roman Empire army in AD 9. And that really is the only impressive part of this series. I wish there was something captivating about the characters, but unfortunately there isn’t. Throughout the series you don’t find yourself routing for anyone or anything expect the death of Segestes. Which, SPOILER ALERT, never happens. It should, but unfortunately does not.

Barbarians seems to try their best to come off as a Game of Thrones drama but falls flat. Flatter than Oberyn Martell’s head when he faced off against The Mountain. Little spoiler there. But let’s face it, if you haven’t seen Game of Thrones by now then you deserve all the spoilers you can get and you were never really going to watch it.

The Romans are demanding more payment from the Germanic. The Germanic (Barbarians) tribes are not all in agreement to this as they feel they have already paid enough and in one case a tribe leader gave up his two young sons to Varus in order to keep peace between Rome and the Germanic. This has set things in motion that eventually bring us to the battle of Teutoburg. The main characters seem to be a trio of childhood friends, Thusnelda, Folkwin and Ari, that were separated at a young age and their paths have crossed again in this time of turmoil. Seems just in time. How lucky for them.

Barbarians tries to end ever episode with some type of shock and awe but fails miserably because every moment, every turn is so predictable. You can see every twist they try to present coming from miles away and it’s this that makes the show so boring. Nothing excites you through 5 of the 6 episodes and then finally a decent payoff. The finally battle is beautifully directed and finally gives a moment of, “Yes! This is what I’ve been waiting for.” But it’s too little too late.

Do yourself a favor and watch with original dialogue and subtitles. The over dub really takes away from some moments, not many, but they are there. And if you spent any time watching the Netflix series Dark then you will know that the over dubbing did the same to that series, killed any good moments.

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