Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Amazon Prime Video has the tendency to give us really good movies that was supposed to be in the theaters due to the current covid-19 situation and a lot of movies are finding their ways onto streaming services and the sequel to Borat is no different. Sacha Baron Cohen once again brings journalist Borat to America from Kazakhstan and it is equally as good as the first movie 14 years ago. This time he’s not traveling with his producer. This time he’s traveling with his daughter that he wasn’t aware he had. He should have taken his son, Hueylewis.

Borat has been sentenced to life in prison for embarrassing Kazakhstan when he was in USA his last time. But the Kazakhstan government wants him to make up for it by delivering a gift to vice president Mike Pence. So, if you remember the first movie it takes place also without a script with real people and the character of Borat is basically making people look like idiots. There’s one problem when he starts going around as Borat, everyone recognizes him so he must go with another disguise from a local Halloween shop. Makes you wonder whether or not the people that recognize him is genuine or just setup actors. Either way he needs new disguises and only right that he does because Borat/Sacha Baron Cohen is certainly recognizable.

The movie touches on today’s topics such as covid-19, the upcoming election, racism and even Qanon. If you are a supporter of the current president you probably do not want to watch this movie because it is leaning heavily towards one side and you see how Borat sets up supporters of President Trump to look really foolish with their own words. For instance, Borat attends a Trump rally in which he performs a song on stage dressed as a farmer and the song is written by two people, he just met a few days prior that are Trump supporters. The song is about how the virus is man-made and spread by the government and how it should be injected into people such as Barack Obama. It is hilarious and just about the whole entire movie and when his daughter is trying to learn how to be a proper woman it gets even crazier.

I don’t want to give away too much of the movie but you should see it if you enjoyed the first one, you’ll surely like this one too. It shows you how people are one-track minded when it comes to their political thinking or how they believe just about anything they read on the internet. The scene with Rudy Giuliani is just as bad as you heard. Borat’s daughter is portraying the role of a reporter and she is granted an interview with Giuliani and after the interview is over, they take it to the bedroom and you can imagine what happens next but before anything goes down Borat bust in to save his daughter. Giuliani claims to have been setup, but he is clearly not forced to move into the bedroom for drinks once the interview is over and he is quite touchy-feely.

So, if you have Amazon Prime then you have Amazon video so log on to it through any mobile device, computer or television and watch Borat the sequel. You’ll laugh so hard at some scenes because of how ridiculous people are when they speak to someone as if they don’t understand American culture and treat him as being ignorant or blind to what they think American culture or politics is and has become.

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