Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Where do I begin with this movie? Marvel is bringing you a female hero that is equivalent to Superman. Does it work? Not really. There will be spoilers along with this review so keep on reading so I can save you some money.

First off, this movie was made what’s girls in mind with a very strong message that a female does not need a male’s assistance in life and they are powerful enough to do whatever they damn well please. It’s pretty much thrown in your face a lot. Now if you know anything about the comics you know that the movie is backwards. The main character does not get her powers through the tesseract and does not have amnesia and the skrulls are evil.

Here’s a quick rundown of the movie. Carol Danvers is in the Air Force and she’s a fighter pilot and her friend Marvel is trying to create an engine faster than the speed of light by using the tesseract. There’s an incident and the Tesseract blows up and she absorbs its power and that’s how she gets the powers of Captain Marvel.

What does not explain is how Professor Marvel gets the Tesseract in the first place. But we do learn that’s Captain Marvel AKA Carol Danvers does get amnesia when that happens does not remember anything from before that point and wakes up in the Kree Army.

We meet the skrulls who are shape-shifting aliens I can turn into whomever they want to blend into a population. Now the problem with the squirrels is the messaging is more or less about immigration. I know you might not think that but it really is and it feels like a couple of agendas a thorn in the people’s face when they just trying to enjoy a superhero movie. A lot like winter soldier and how shield was actually Hydra this movie gives you that type of twist. Where we think the cree are the good guys out to get the Scrolls it’s actually the Scrolls trying to run away from the Kree who are purposely hunting them down and destroying their Homeland and driving them out of whatever they may be. Now Captain Marvel learns about this towards the end of the movie and helps the squirrels on Earth defeat the Kree.

Okay now you get the idea of what it is and what’s going on so here’s a dumb part. Nick Fury is a horrible character in this movie and comes off like a rookie police officer. You find out that his eyepatch is actually an incident that happens when a cat scratches his eye. He is also not really all that brave. Captain Marvel is like Superman in the sense that nobody can really stop her no matter what they try and she’s kind of more Steven Seagal then she is Wonder Woman. There’s a cat in the movie. It’s not really that big of a deal. People sure making a big deal. It’s just a cat. Yes, the cat is an alien and has two scenes that stand out but nothing was important.

Nick Fury is given an upgrade to his pager to alert Captain Marvel when s*** hits the fan on Earth. She leaves to go help the Scrolls in space and Nick Fury is on Earth the pager that he could have used when aliens attacked New York the first time and then when I psychotic robot was going to take over the world the second time and then the third time when s*** was going down he waited until he was disappearing to page anyone. Is Nick Fury stupid?

Captain Marvel’s villain was self-doubt. Thats it, no real threat. She learns her powers fully as soon as she conquers her “lack of” confidence problem. They clearly wrote immigration into the movie by using the skrulls story of getting pushed out of their homes and hunted. How crazy was it that Carols BFF didnt bat an eye to seeing aliens and had a lovely dinner with a Australian skull family, WTF.

I guess the main problem with this film was the corny script which is poorly written. the fact that people don’t seem to be shocked when they actually see the skrulls on Earth as if aliens are just normal nowadays remember this takes place in the 90s no one seen aliens before. But in the end the main problem with this movie is you walk away not really giving a s*** about the character of Captain Marvel. The character doesn’t really have any Stakes attached to it. We know Captain America’s agenda Ironman and the rest of the Avengers but Captain Marvel finishes her mission you feel like you don’t give a s***. It’s mainly because she has a Superman problem where you know in the end she’s going to win.

Stay tuned for the end credits as a does tie into the new Avengers movie coming out in April.

Rating: 3/5

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