Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2

Let me start out by saying that this movie is Head and Shoulders better than the first one. It has a lot more jokes and a lot more action. Some people have been saying that the character of Deadpool is too much into or in on the joke. That would be true if this was the first movie but then again that is the idea of the character that he knows that there is an audience watching him at all times and that all his jokes and references pertain to what the audience knows outside the Cinematic Universe. It still has over-the-top violence and crude jokes and works great in this movie but remember this is a family film or at least that’s what Deadpool tells you.

I don’t want to give too much away when it comes to the characters in the movie with the plot but the plot is fairly basic it’s more of how all the characters intertwining into the plot. The character of Cable played by Josh Brolin is perfect in the sense of look and personality. The character that steals the show is Domino played by Zazie Beetz and the action sequences with this character are amazing. There are surprises in the movie with cameos and one major X-Men character that plays a large part in the movie that will surprise a lot of people.

The premise of the plot is very similar to The Terminator in that Cable has to come back in time to stop an event that disrupt the future and Deadpool must stop him from said event and so forth but you get that from the preview but you don’t get the whole story. Then there’s the X-Force which is a group that Deadpool starts because he can’t cut it as an X-Men and they are Ultra badass and violent and almost steal the whole entire movie. In actuality they don’t play that big of a part but the part they do play you’re going to thoroughly enjoy.

I’m not trying to give away too much mainly because the movie is very entertaining and you really don’t know what to expect even after seeing the previews. Ryan Reynolds was meant to play this role of Deadpool and the credit scenes which there are two, play right into Ryan Reynolds personality and you’re going to love them. If you like the first one believe me you will love the second one much more because it has more characters you’re going to enjoy, a lot more violence and action which is a good thing in this movie and a lot funnier.

I rate this movie a 4 out of 5 and you might be thinking why is it only a 4 well like all my reviews I always give you the guts of the movie so if you scroll down you’re going to get all the spoilers but remember if you don’t want any stay up here and move on to the next thing you want to read in your life that you feel is important which probably isn’t, get over it.

It’s spoiler time boys and girls so remember what I’ve told you don’t read past this sentence if you don’t want the movie to be ruined.

The Crux of the movie is this, Deadpool’s girlfriend from the first movie gets killed by your standard Thug / mobster. Deadpool can’t find it within himself to keep living so after he kills this mobster he tries to kill himself and of course as you know Deadpool cannot kill himself you just regenerate right back to his self. Colossus brings it back to the mansion to join the X-Men he becomes an X-Men in training and that’s where you get a cameo of all the X-Men in a conference room hiding from Deadpool because they do not want him part of the X-Men. We move on to the other character that you’ve seen in the previews, Russell who is an orphan mutant being raised in a home where they experiment on the mutants to try to take their powers away to become normal. Well Russell is frustrated and throws a temper tantrum and almost destroys the orphanage and that’s where Deadpool comes in what the X-Men who is Colossus and Negasonic, and they try to stop Russell from doing something bad.

Deadpool and Russell end up in a mutant facility where they cannot use their abilities due to a collar around their neck and you might think why the end up there and why is Deadpool there while Deadpool shot a bunch of people in front of Colossus and Colossus wasn’t having it because Colossus is a no-kill mutant. And in this universe when the X-Men do show up it’s a good thing for the public and they applauded except for one Deadpool shows up with the X-Men and they have no idea necessarily who he is it goes all wrong.

So now we’re back at the facility where these two individuals Russell and Deadpool are locked up in a Cell together with these colors around their neck and cannot use their abilities there for Wade is dying of cancer because his body cannot regenerate to cure the cancer and Russell has no powers available to him. This is where we seek a will come into play or we see him in the future and his wife and daughter have been killed by no other than Russell. He comes back in time to kill Russell at the facility. At the facility there is an individual that keep locked up a maximum-security who is larger than life and Russell wants to be his friend because he’s learned that you want to be friend of the toughest guy in prison. Well this individual is Juggernaut.

They do eventually all get out of the facility after cable attacks it and blows it half the hell and Russell does escape with Juggernaut which they are now friends. So now that everybody’s out of the facility Deadpool starts his own group of mutant Heroes call the X-Force. You saw this in the preview where he recruits several individuals that you may know from the comic books such as Shatterstar and Domino. They have their mission which is 2 stop Russell and Juggernaut from going back to the orphanage or Russell wants to kill the Headmaster therefore starting a chain reaction of him becoming a murderer which leads to him killing cables family. And cable at the same time is also going to stop and kill Russell but he is not aware of Juggernaut at this point. So the X-Force all team up and they get ready to attack the Convoy which is carrying Russell and juggernaut and they all jumped out of a plane what you’ve seen from the previews and here’s the catch they all die except for Domino and Peter none of them actually do anything ever as a member of the X-Force besides jump out of a plane and die upon Landing. Deadpool forgets that these individuals haven’t jumped out of a plane before and that there are high winds which he was told about prior to jumping out of the plane.

Let’s just cut to the end with Juggernaut and Russell get to the orphanage. Cable is now teamed up with Deadpool, Domino, Colossus and Negasonic to stop Juggernaut and Russell. There’s more in the middle between those two scenes but the main portion of that is Juggernaut ripping Deadpool in half. I’m not going to tell you how it ends I’ll leave that for you to watch but that is all the spoilers or surprises such as the majority of the X-Force team dying and Juggernaut is in the movie. Juggernaut is not only in the movie for a short amount of time and throws down with Colossus in the Glorious CGI fight.

Now make sure you stay in your seat because there are 2 end credit scenes and the first one sets up the second one and I’m not going to tell you about those because it’s just too much fun for me to spoil for you. I’m not even sure I spelled much of the movie for you because it really is one of those two surprises of Juggernaut and X-Force team you going to love this movie regardless of what I’ve told you because it is hilarious has great action and you might see it twice I know I will.

The reason I gave this movie only four out of five is mainly because of the X-Force characters dying right away. In the preview you see characters from the X-Force and action scenes such as Shatterstar using his swords and fighting. I was slightly disappointed but then again I was very amused to what happened to the members of the X-Force team. It’s not really a great reason to give it 4 stars out of 5 but that really did bum me out slightly.

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