Fantastic Four (2015)

You’ve probably heard by now that the Fantastic 4 movie is horrible. Well here’s another review for you and this is from a comic book collector and fan. I didn’t go in thinking this was going to be great. I thought from the get go that this movie was going to be bad mainly because FOX decided to make the movie before losing the rights and throwing together a good cast with a so-so director to make a so-so movie.

Here’s a somewhat long rundown of the movie with spoilers.

Reed Richards is a genius kid that is working on a transporter at the age of 12. Ben Grimm is his classmate that helps him achieve that goal by 19 because Ben’s family owns a scrap yard and he supplies the parts to Reed. At 19 he gets recruited to the Baxter foundation/college program to help build the multi-dimensional transporter. It’s basically Reed’s idea’s that worked as a kid.

Dr. Baxter has his kids involved, Sue the mathematician and Johnny the bad boy that doesn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps. Where does Victor Von Doom fit in? He was Baxter’s first protégé that tried building the transporter himself but only knew how to transport one way and not back.

So now you have the team of Reed, Sue, Johnny and Victor all working together to build this machine. The machine is to be used to collect resources to bring back to earth like a new power source.

After they successfully transport a monkey to and fro with the machine they want to be the next one’s to go. The foundation want’s NASA to go because they’re trained and ready to go. The group of 19 year old’s argue against it and decide to go against the foundations word and they transport themselves. Oh yeah, Reed tells Ben to join them because he feels that he wouldn’t be where they are without him. Sue doesn’t know that there going and doesn’t go.

Okay, we’re set up to the point where you know what comes next. Up to this point this movie is really good. The build up with the characters development is good and the mood is more sci-fi with an emphasis on Reed. The way the movie plays in the first half is that it’s a Reed Richards movie, not a Fantastic 4 movie and to be honest it should’ve stayed that way. After they travel to Planet Zero shit goes wrong and Victor gets left behind and presumed dead. They all return and it’s revealed that they’ve acquired powers that included Sue because she brought them back and the blast when they transported back gave her powers.

Okay, we’re all set up. The kids got they’re powers, Doom is trapped on planet zero and the military now has the 4 caged up like lab rats and are running tests. Makes sense and so far your engaged in the movie. So, there you go, the movie has built itself up to sound like it’s going to be a winner. This where the movie could’ve gotten really good but didn’t.

What happens that should’ve made the movie good didn’t. Reed escapes the military base with a goal to be on the run while building a new machine to transport back to planet zero with the hope of finding a cure for his friends. It was a good twist because in all honesty Reed is the only interesting character and it should’ve been focused on him in the second half and what Victor is up to on planet zero.

Honestly, the Doom story is just fine, nothing wrong with it and it works but like the Reed story, it’s not developed at all. We see montages of the other 3 training to control their new powers and Reed buying a part to add to his machine, that’s it. No mention of Doom, Reed’s progress and how’s he’s obtained all the parts he needs to build his solo transporter and why the military isn’t trying to find a cure for the other 3 like they promised? Oh yeah, they promised the other 3 that if they work for the military, they’ll work on curing them.

Okay, where are we? Oh yeah, Reed is on the run like Bruce Banner, Doom is MIA and the other 3 are training. This is where FOX came in and said, “Where’s the action?” and we get a shitty 3rd act for the final 30 minutes. There is no more story development, Reed is easily captured and brought back and cooperates to help build a new machine (the other one blew up when they came back). Everyone is okay with Reed, no one’s mad that he ran away. Ben was mad but he got over in 30 seconds. Now that everyone is friends again in a 3-minute montage/trailer we got NASA going to planet zero to get samples.

This is where Doom show’s up, he’s alive! The NASA crew brings him back. He’s not really upset with what happened to him, he’s more irritated but he’s ready to kill everyone because he believes that his planet is better and that he’s going to take earth’s resources back to his planet. So, this is where we get the forced action, team up that feels like, “where’d this come from, they’re not trained for combat and just got back together in a montage.” It’s a battle that ends up on planet zero where Doom has revered the polarity and is sucking earth through the portal/black hole to destroy earth. Of course, the Fantastic 4 save the day, Doom dies or does he and the team is happy and given keys to the Baxter foundation to start building out their team/vision, the end.

You see, it’s not bad until the 3rd act which is montages, no more story development and see’s Doom given a reason to be the bad guy just so we get the big action sequence.

Here’s what would’ve made the movie good. When Reed escapes the military base to find a cure while traveling to planet zero on his own would’ve been flipping awesome to see. It should’ve been a Reed movie in the last act that showed how he travels to planet zero himself and finds that Doom is building his own utopia and invites Reed to join him in his world building imagery. Reed would try to persuade Doom to come back to earth where he can find a cure with his help and help their friends. Doom disagrees with him and sees his powers as a blessing in disguise. Since Reed doesn’t want to join him, he tries to kill him and Reed escapes back to earth in his solo pod.

That would’ve been a great 20 minutes added to the movie. It would’ve shown that Reed needs to get back to the military base with a purpose and gets the other 3 to go back to planet zero to stop Doom before he attacks earth.

That would’ve been great. Just another 20-30 minutes to actually develop the story. Doom didn’t even have to be killed, you could leave it as Reed escapes and when he goes back he explains that Doom is alive and building something to attack earth and BAM, cut to black or show the 4 get their costumes and training while showing Doom with his own device, creatures and planet.

You could’ve gone so many ways with this story after Reed escapes. In all honesty they should’ve kept it a Reed Richards movie like it was in the first half. Oh well, maybe the 2nd one will feature some X-Men and Cable kills them all.

Rating: 2.5/5 and that 2.5 is for the first half.

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