Hubie Halloween

Hubie Halloween

Adam Sandler is back again with another Netflix movie and this time he’s bringing the ghouls and ghosts. If you don’t know by now, Adam Sandler has multiple movies on Netflix and just signed a new contract to deliver more movies in the future. Because any time a movie of his comes out on Netflix it’s always the number one viewed movie of any streaming service for that period time when it comes out. This time he is giving us a Halloween movie with your typical Adam Sandler character.

This movie will remind you of a past movie of his which everyone enjoyed called The Waterboy. The character even comes off as an adult version of Bobby Bouche, because Hubie Halloween has the same type of mannerisms and the same type of overprotective mother as was found in The Waterboy. Hubie is an overly protective and safe person that is always looking out for other people in a kind way but also a little paranoid and over reacts on small things that he feels is endangering the community. You might find them to be a bit annoying but the movie does have a lot of laughter and some familiar faces. You will notice that he had his friends from Saturday Night Live in the movie along with individuals such as Kevin James and Rob Schneider who are usually found in all his movies.

The plot is fairly simple. Someone is terrorizing the neighborhood on Hallows Eve and Huey is trying to figure it out. He thinks that his neighbor is the one causing all the trouble who is portrayed by Steve Buscemi. Can the local bumbling idiot solve the problem and catch the individual who’s terrorizing the neighborhood children or will he be the next victim?

In my opinion it is a family friendly movie which has some good laughs but a horrible payoff. If this was a theatrical release it would probably be number one opening weekend and then crash and burn. Just like most Adam Sandler movies over the last 5 years this has no replay value you won’t watch it more than once it is not going to be a Halloween cult classic in which you turn it on every time I cover rolls around like you would such movies as A Nightmare on Elm Street or even the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

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