Okay, wow, hmm, where to start? This is not a kid’s movie so all you Marvel fanatics can stay home for this one. This is a rated R movie but not fun R like Deadpool more like a “wow, that’s messed up” R. DC or should I say Warner Brothers green lit this Todd Phillips movie which is produced by Martin Scorsese. Recently Scorsese has come out saying that Marvel movies aren’t good cinema and while I disagree when comparing to the Joker, well, I guess?

People have been wondering if this is part of the DCEU with Wonder Woman, Aquaman and so forth, oh hell no. This is a gritty, twisted and violent movie. It’s not as violent as you may think but the scenes with violence don’t shy away from it. This would’ve been a really good DCEU Joker origin movie if it was a tad bit different but this movie doesn’t fit anything the DCEU has done to date, even the Zack Snyder disasters.

This will have spoilers but at the end for those that don’t mind it.

This is a movie about a man named Arthur Fleck with a diagnosed mental illness that has been to Arkham State Hospital in his past but now lives in a apartment in Gotham and takes care of this mother. He’s a part time clown for hire through an agency and does kids parties, store sign twirling and so forth. His real dream in life is to be a stand-up comedian.

Here’s Arthurs problem. He doesn’t get life. What I mean by that is he doesn’t know if it matters that he exists. He lives a sad life and feels that no one pays attention to him so if he wasn’t around would anyone notice. He’s been lied to his entire life and even when he’s being nice and minding his own business, he always gets mocked or laughed at.

You see how that could drive a person mad but does it? This is where the movie is good. Joaquin Phoenix shines. He’s so good in this role as a mentally ill person that has no grasp on reality and you believe every second of it. You feel bad for him but always sad for him in a way that you probably wouldn’t be his friend. He starts to hallucinate and only one thing brings him joy and happiness, murder. It’s not like a serial killer, he views it as a way of eliminating what’s wrong in the world. What he views are wrong might not be that important but to him it is.

Some will say this is a movie about the mentally ill but it’s not. Some will say that this a movie about a sad lonely loser, it’s not. This is a movie about child abuse, I know, WTF?

Okay, I’ve told you enough, time to for the SPOILERS.

Oh yeah, there won’t be a sequel, so they say.

Scroll down a bit

Welcome to the SPOILER review of JOKER!

This will be quick and more like beats in the movie.

Arthur is a clown that works at a clown for hire agency.

He has a mental illness where he laughs all the time when actually he’s nervous and fearful in some way.

Arthur gets jumped by a gang of teenagers while working and when someone hears of that at work, he gives Arthur a gun to protect himself.

Arthurs mother keeps writing letters to Thomas Wayne but he has no idea why.

She keeps telling him that Thomas Wayne is going to save them.

He gets fired from his job for taking the gun to a children’s hospital

On his way home on the subway 3 guys assault him and he shoots and kills all 3. It’s very satisfying for him.

He meets a attractive neighbor in his apartment building which he thinks he has an instant connection with and stalks her for a day.

They become a couple? Wait, what?

His mother tells him that Thomas Wayne is his father because she used to work at Wayne manner 30 years ago and they had a fling.

He approaches Thomas Wayne at a benefit event and Wayne tells him that….. OH NO, SPOILER!

His mother is a loon and that he’s adopted.

He goes home to confront his mother but she had a stroke and is now taken to the hospital.

He get his moms medical records and finds out that she is crazy, he is adopted and that he doesn’t have mental illness but what abused as a child so severely that he suffered head trauma and that’s why he’s a bit crazy. Also, he had to stay in Arkham a good portion of his life because he was kept away from his mother and the head trauma made him, different?

Okay, wow, that’s a lot to take in so far. Twists, turns, a bit messed up and there’s more.

His new girlfriend, wait, nope, not Harley, relax, goes on a date with him, visits with his mom in the hospital and goes to his very first standup comedy gig. It didn’t go so well.

It got the attention of Murray Franklin (Jay Leno of Gotham) played by Robert Dinero.

Franklin mocks his act of television.

Arthur goes to visit his mother but it’s the last time she’s seen on screen because, well, he kills her for lying to him all his life.

We need a break.

Okay back to JOKER.

He goes to his GF’s apartment because he’s having a bad day but one problem, she’s not his GF. He’s been imagining it ever since he met her the first time. He leaves her apartment but you have no clue if he’s killed her.

He gets a call from the Franklin Murray show to appear because his video has got such a great response.

He goes on, gets irritated and BOOM, shoot’s Murray in the head live on TV.

The city riots in favor of the Joker.

The Waynes are killed in the alley during the riot by a random guy in a clown mask. Bruce still lives.

The Joker is standing on a cop car being celebrated.


We cut to Arkham State Hospital where he’s handcuffed and being interviewed by what appears to be a state psychologist.

He laughs uncontrollably and she asks him what’s so funny.

He tells her that she wouldn’t get it

Cut to him walking out of the room into the hallway with bloody shoes. He dances, he likes do that and then chased by an orderly.

Was it all in his head?

Was he always in the loony bin?

We knew he was there before so did he just make it all up?

So good, go watch it.

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