Judas and the Black Messiah

Wow, where to start with this one? This movie is very relevant to today’s society which is pretty sad because this movie takes place in the 60s and you can still see the same problems happening in todays world. This movie takes place in Chicago where you see the rise of the Black Panther Party but in a way that is vastly different than how you would imagine or maybe you’ve been told about the Black Panther Party. It’s about Fred Hampton and a FBI informant William O’Neal.Fred Hampton is the leader of the Black Panther Party at the age of 19 years old and brought together Puerto Ricans and white supremacist party to form the Rainbow Coalition. The police brutality towards black people was so harsh for no apparent reason that he had to bring together other groups that faced the same discrimination due to either their color of skin or their income, poor people. Where does William O’Neal fit in? A common car thief that used a fake FBI badge to boost cars. He gets arrested and that’s where it all begins as he’s offered a way out of jail time if he infiltrates the Black Panther as a FBI informant.O’Neal infiltrates the Black Panther party to the point of being one the top guys. Fred Hampton was a smart leader that knew that violence was not going to solve any problems but the FBI was terrified of his power. They were willing to do anything to bring him downLet’s cut to the chase. Go to HBO MAX and watch it. This is a great movie that still resonates with today’s societal issues.

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