Love and Monsters

Love and Monsters

Love and Monsters is a video on demand release through Paramount Pictures and an unexpected treat which you will thoroughly enjoy. Here comes another post-apocalyptic movie but this time it has a twist there are no zombies and there is no nuclear Holocaust it’s just insects. Wait a second, did someone say insects and are we watching Starship Troopers? The people of Earth find themselves in a situation that would lead to extinction. As a result of what was thought to be a successful plan, the people of Earth unknowingly caused a bigger problem which leads to 95% of the population being wiped from the Earth. The cause? Giant insects. Very big mutated insects.

This movie really does have a great original premise and it’s not necessarily a survival movie as it is a love story. Our hero, Joel Dawson and his girlfriend Aimee are having the best summer of their lives right when the apocalypse starts. Now we go 7 years into the future and Joel is now living in an underground bunker with his colony. And Aimee living has been with her colony 86 miles west at the beach and they have not seen each other for the entire 7 years. but Joel wants to rekindle that flame. Joel decides he’s going to leave the safety of his underground bunker and travel the dangerous surface world in order to see Aimee. His fellow colonists believe this to be a bad idea because when it comes to monster fighting, Joel is always left behind due to his inabilities and his problem with freezing in the face of danger. But Joel decides it’s been too long and he must get to Aimee.  He has quite the adventure as he’s hiding and trying to survive being eaten by the monsters. He finds a dog named “Boy” that has quite an attachment to his former owners red dress, which later because a problem. But in the meantime, Joel and Boy become best friends.  Joel and Boy run into two other survivors that teach them how to survive on the surface world. A few new survival skills, and a hand grenade later, the foursome split up and Joel and Boy continue on their way to the beach. There’s a lot more to the story a lot of fun, backstabbing and of course drama due to a long-lost love.

This movie has a great ending and payoff and you kind of want to see where it goes next. I was actually hoping that it would show that portion at the end but it leaves it open for sequel and I’m hoping that we get it. This movie has great CGI and acting and a great pace. Too bad this did not make it to the theaters due to the current situation with covid-19 because it would have been fun to watch on a big screen. So, if you get a chance to watch Love and monsters do yourself a favor sit on your sofa or your bed or where ever you watch movies these days and watch yourself a fantastic film with Love and Monsters.

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