Madden ’21

Madden ’21

Once again is that time of year where Electronic Arts gives us the same game but with a new year attached to it. Madden 2021 is back but is it worth it? I’m pretty sure you played all the other iterations of this game all the way from the original Madden canal and of course the game has improved in all aspects from Graphics gameplay and depending on the system that you’re playing it on I’m sure you’ve seen it. Some people say sports games are just updated rosters with minor tweaks and that is the truth nowadays. I look at sports games as enjoyment for what it is and purchasing and as long as the game is approved upon in the game play and graphics then it is with the purchase. That brings us to the latest Madden 21.

There’s not much different from this year’s version than the last but they’ll tell you that they’ve improved the graphics animation and added a new way to play the game which is reminiscent of playing street ball. Of course, there’s a career mode in which you take a high school quarterback to the college ranks and try to get him drafted as high as possible but that’s also not new. So, what are you getting with this year’s new Madden? It just depends on how you play the game. I prefer to play franchise mode taking my favorite team and trying to rebuild it into a championship team what trades draft picks and free agency. Some people prefer to play The Ultimate Team mode or story popular in a game such as FIFA soccer and might not be as popular in Madden but still enjoyable with the exact same type of architect elements behind it. The only thing that ever turns me down from playing or purchasing Sports titles is the idea that I am getting the same game with new roster but I get it anyway year after year. You might ask yourself why? Is it just the new players added to the game such as rookies or players that have changed teams or is the new uniforms or stadiums that might have been added or even an expansion team? Well you can say it’s all of that but primarily it’s because it’s football.

There’s nothing extraordinary different about this version of Madden compared to last year’s version and you might notice some subtleties such as gameplay animation and graphic but that’ll always be there and it’ll always look pretty good. Sports games if they’re not changing from one generation of consoles to the next is this the overall enjoyment of the sport in which you are playing. So as an individual that always buys Madden and always tells himself it’s just the same thing over and over once I put the game in and play it it’s nothing but pure football enjoyment.

The downside would be that EA Sports is the only game in town that is allowed to make a simulated football game. Next year you will be able to get a game made by 2K sports which will be an NFL game but will not be a simulated game which I have no idea what that entails yet but we shall see. As for this year’s only football game on the market it’s just as enjoyable as you remember and it still has the same flaws. It has too many plays in which you know the defense can never stop no matter how much you adjust the defense. It has too many players that are not equal to their real-life counterparts which are either way too good or not good enough. Of course, you can change all that by editing the players yourself why would you want to do that but don’t always expect companies such as Electronic Arts to get everything precise. The ultimate team is fun if you like micro transactions or grinding for coins to get packs or buying players on the transfer market just like you would keep a soccer. The new form 4 version of the game which is like playing straight football but with NFL players is a nice touch but you probably won’t go back to it up here a couple of times. It’s similar to FIFA soccer and their Volta game which is fun at first but doesn’t have a real payoff like playing Ultimate Team so you really won’t keep playing it after a few times.

Here’s my takeaway from playing this game many hours. It’s virtually the same game as it’s been the last 4 or 5 years with improved graphics, AI and game play. But if you love football then you’re going to love playing this game. For the individuals out there, that say it’s just the same game every year then I would write the game for you three out of five before individual like myself that likes playing Madden and wants all the updates even if their minor then I’ll go 3.5 out of 5. I know not a huge difference but you can’t really give a game that does feel repetitive urine you’re out a perfect score, now can we? This game was reviewed on a Xbox One X console. The new version of this game and next-gen title comes out December 5th for Xbox series X and PlayStation 5 is promises to have 60 frames per second vastly improve graphics almost no load times and an all-new interface. If you’re wondering, yes your saved progress does carryover from your current version of EA Sports 2021 titles.

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