Over The Moon

Over The Moon

Netflix has made a real effort in hiring top talent from animation Studios such as Disney and DreamWorks to bring all new animated feature films to its streaming platform. There hasn’t really been a big animated movie yet out of Netflix that has captured people’s attention or really been on par with such movies from the Disney Pixar studios which is seen as the king of the hill. So, Netflix went out and got themselves Glen Keane who used to be the lead animator for Disney films when they were hand drawn before they moved into the digital era. This is his first film that he is in charge of and you can tell it has the Disney feel to it in the story and animation.

Over the Moon takes place in what appears to be China. It’s about a family of three, a married couple with a daughter. They own a bakery and they make they’re famous mooncakes. Fei-Fei the daughter is the lead character and she has a goal to get to the moon to find her answers. The reason being is her mother would tell her a story about a tragic love gained and lost and how it all led to the Moon. But the tragic part of this story is that her mother passes away at a young age and Fei-Fei has no idea how to cope with it. When her father decides to start dating another woman that has a young son, Fei-Fei is naturally against it. She feels that if she goes to the moon, she will get her answers. She is basing this off the story that her father and mother have been telling her when she was a young child and how you can never lose faith in the one that you love even if you lose them. They will always be there for you and Fei-Fei is assuming that her mother is waiting for her father.

That’s the basic setup and premise of the movie but the real star of the movie is the animation. It is on par with any Pixar or Disney movie with its bright colors and detail and the characters are a lot of fun. Once it gets to the Moon, that’s when you truly see the full power of Animation that Netflix is trying to achieve with their movies in competing with Disney Pixar, DreamWorks, Sony Animation Studios and many more. That is the one area in which Netflix really needs to up their game. This movie does just that as it is a wonderfully animated story that has all the character appeal just like movies such as Inside out, Up, Toy Story and many more.

The story itself can be sad at times and that seems to be a staple in animated movies and all aimed at children. There’s been several movies where the parents have died and the child has to navigate their feelings and emotions to find how to cope with the situation. This is no different when it comes to the plot. As you may have guessed it, it all works out in the end because it’s an animated movie and it always does. What you enjoy the most about this movie is the growth of the main character and how she comes to grips with having to accept how her family is growing bigger and to be accepting of that. I truly enjoyed the animation because I was looking forward to what this is going to look like when I saw who was directing and in charge of the film. If you love Pixar Disney movies you’re going to love Over the Moon and I could have seen this as one of their films. Netflix finally delivers a great animated feature film..

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