The Tax Collector

The Tax Collector

David Ayers follow up to the Suicide Squad is a tale of Mexican gangs in Los Angeles. This movie is packed with violence, 2 guys, stupid shit, it’s trash and holy fuck the plot is one of the worse in movie history. I know people want to be clever with movie plots and to take a played out movie backdrop like gangs is hard to do when it’s been done to death but this movie can go fuck off. Harsh but it’s just so bad and has no real story. Okay, let’s get to the movie. The premise is that the one ruling gang (who’s leader is in prison) of L.A collects taxes from the opposing gangs for being able to run their business in the streets. So 2 fellas, 1 being Shia LaBeouf (Creeper), go around and collect the “Taxes” and if they don’t pay up, dead. The other fella, David, he’s the son of the leader whom is in prison so he and his uncle are left with collecting the “taxes”. That’s the set up, you get it.

The movie tries to play it off as if David runs shit and his best friend Creeper is his enforcer but you don’t really see any of that besides driving around for 45 minutes collecting cash and threatening people. David has a family but you don’t really care. You don’t care for any of these people because their all criminals and don’t give you a reason to care. Ayers tries shoving Davids family into the story but you don’t care. David feels like he’s a boss but also that he’s been forced into his role by his locked up daddy. When he comes up $20K short in collections his dad calls him from prison and just laughs at him and hangs up. Why is his dad so rude? About 45 minutes in a new gang leader pops up and doesn’t want to pay the “taxes” and tells David to join him or else. He doesn’t join them so the “or else” happens.

The new guy is a Satan worshipper, killer and just doesn’t give a fuck.He starts killing Davids family and friends. Tortures poor’ol Shia and kills him. Davids world is falling apart in 24 hours. Oh my, why would this happen, who would do such a thing? His wife dies, kids kidnapped and the Bloods. Wait, did I not mention that David asks the leader of the Bloods to help him get revenge? He does because the Bloods feel like David is a “good dude”. So you guess what happens. He gets his revenge. All these people die and David gets his revenge and as he drives to get his kids he stops to call his daddy. THE PLOT TWIST.His father is the one that sent the KILLER to test him and see if he was a leader that can overcome a obstacle that threatens his (daddy’s) business. So he sends someone to kill his uncle, wife, best friend, kidnap his kids and murder everyone. Such a sweet daddy. So he tells his dad “he never wanted any of this” he hangs up and his dad ask for God’s forgiveness. Think how stupid that is. He’s dad basically ruins his life to try and prove a point to make him a better man and when his son says “nope, I’m good” he asks God for forgiveness for basically killing everyone.

STUPIDEST PLOT TWIST EVER and that includes the last 2 piece of shit Star Wars movies.

Rating: Fuck off = 1 out of 5 stars

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