Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu

Where do I begin? Nick Cage is in this straight to VOD movie that is supposed to be a martial arts extravaganza but is really a B movie trying it’s hardest to be the equivalent of a Predator martial arts movie. The plot is fairly basic. Every 6 years a comet comes to earth and infects someone which awakens an ancient space warrior in a temple that then has to track and kill the infected individual. Wait, there’s a catch, the infected individual now has Bruce Lee level martial art skills and is not an easy target.

The infected individual is part of an elite crew of martial artists that are more like a Navy Seal team and less G.I. Joe. Jake, one of the team members, is infected by the comet and his memory is erased and all he knows is, you guessed it, martial arts. Can you imagine that? You get struck by a comet and wake up not knowing who you are but are now an incredible chef or high jumper. Those suck compared to Jake who is now a living weapon. 

This movie has a few known actors such as Nicholas Cage the wise warrior that leads this ragtag crew. Frank Grillo (Captain America: Civil War, The Purge: Anarchy). Tony Jaa, famous martial arts star in Asia. The main star is Alain Moussi, a stuntman turned actor. He’s been in many of your favorite films from the X-Men movies to Shazam. He recently starred in the Kickboxer franchise as the main hero. Now he’s beside Nick Cage fighting a space warrior that is a lot like the Predator. GET TO THE CHOPPER or RED BOX to rent this but maybe not.

The effects aren’t horrible but the directing for the choreography is disastrous. The director decided to slow down all the action ques which kills the impact of the fight scenes. One thing you don’t do as a director is slow down the action. If anything, you want to speed it up to make the hero look fast and powerful. The action is poor. The one-on-one fight scenes with the space warrior are actually not bad; it’s the larger set pieces that are crap.

The space warrior is out for blood but only really wants to kill Jake and that’s where the problem lies in this movie. Everyone that gets in the way of Jake using his new found powers to fight this space fella is trying to protect the one thing that can save them when he doesn’t need protecting. They all fall one by one while Jake is running away not knowing his true potential. This movie is basically Predator meets Mortal Kombat. You get all these B list actors together to fight the main villain in one-on-one scenarios to showcase their abilities and the main hero finally steps up to save the day. The question is who is the main hero? Is it Jake or the wise old warrior Wylie aka Nick Cage?

It isn’t a bad movie and not a good movie. The main issue is that the plot is super thin. It’s set up in the first 10 minutes and from there is an endless array of fight scenes. You don’t really care if all the heroes die and if the alien wins, okay with me. To make a movie good the audience needs some type of emotional investment and this is just a throw away Red Box movie. 

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