Marvel Avengers

Marvel Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers the video game it is a very good game when it comes to the story line but damn it drags so let’s get into it. The Avengers with a combination of Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Miss Marvel come together for the very first time to create a magnificent looking game with a great story line but the problem is it’s too repetitive. This might be one of the best-looking games there is on console and the control schemes a fairly easy to learn with magnificent backdrop such as New York City and the Utah Canyons. Wait a second did I just say that Utah Canyons? Oh yes, I did because you will be visiting the Utah Canyons about 20 times to get what you want out of this game when you repeat the same missions over and over and over just to grind for better loot. It’s as if they basically created a game that they weren’t satisfied with the length of the story line so they needed to somehow expand the game so you keep playing it and unlocking more power ups and new outfits for Your Heroes.

The story line itself is fantastic as The Avengers are having a huge Avenger day in San Francisco at the brand-new West Coast Avengers Tower and it hits the fan when the Avengers get attacked which leads to them being disband by the government. Your goal is to bring the Avengers back together with Miss Marvel stop the real threat which is A.I.M and Modok. You’re going to love the graphics on this game if you’re playing it on a Xbox One X, series X or a PS4 Pro/PS5. I can’t say enough about how the characters look and move on screen especially Iron Man as he has multiple ways to control his way of flight and fighting and so forth. The controls can feel a little bit repetitive and button-mashing after a while as it really just comes down to blocking and cantering attacks to pull off all your moves. That’s not new with any game as that has the same mechanics as the Batman games, Spider-Man and even Assassin’s Creed.

This game is main problem is that it’s too repetitive the story line is short and the developers knew that. The game has completely dropped off from the face of the Earth as people have stopped playing at that this point but there are major updates coming with new character story lines such as Hawkeye and black panther. The developers promise that this game will get a lot of free story line updates along with free upgrades for the current users. There’s not too much more to say about this game it’s pretty basic. It’s like putting a Lamborghini frame under a Honda Civic body it sure looks pretty but it doesn’t match up to the outside. If you do buy this game just play the main story line and stick to it until you finish it and until there’s more updates and upgrades coming soon.

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