NBA 2k21 (Next Gen)

NBA 2k21 (Next Gen)

Another year and another NBA 2K has arrived but this time it’s made specifically for the Next Generation consoles such as Xbox series X/S and PS5. Just like any other sports game sometimes I feel like you just getting updated rosters slightly prettier graphics and that’s about it but this version of NBA 2K got a complete overhaul for the next generation of consoles. You’re getting the full 4K resolution with 60 frames per second for very smooth action with an overhauled franchise mode a brand new online place to play call the city as they’ve ditched the park and when you see this game and action it is going to blow your mind. As an individual that has always played NBA 2K basketball games since the very first one on the Sega Dreamcast and buys it year in and you’re out I can tell you that this is definitely the best one so far. The last time an NBA 2K basketball game came out they got me this excited was also in Next Generation launch title when NBA 2K 14 came out.

If you purchase the current generation version of NBA 2k21 you would only get the upgrade for free to the Next Generation version if you bought the Kobe Bryant edition of the game. Vela’s dive into what makes this a better game than the current generation. First off, the graphics are completely overhauled and people will notice right away the difference in the realism that the game gives off when you’re playing. Not only do the actual players on the court move a lot smoother but you get little details such as all coaches are now on the bench which adds realism, the crowd is doing a lot more interaction just among themselves getting up off their seats coming back to their seat from maybe going to the restroom and what they did this time around is create over 150 unique movements and interactions for the crowd in the lower bowl because you typically do not see the upper level in this game when it comes to the fans. The lighting is amazing, the foot plant by the players were no longer looks like they’re sliding on some movement is great along with the collisions and just overall physics of the game for instance in one game I was playing LeBron James drove to the basket but his momentum took him past the basket and he collided into a cameraman which fell over and LeBron James helped him up and kind of give him a pat on the shoulder before trying to run back down to play defense but he was too late already scored and that’s why you’re not the goat.

Graphically you’re not going to have any issues with this game on next generation and game plays much improved because of the 60 frames per second things move a lot smoother and the new shot meter is a much-improved way for novice players or people that don’t typically play basketball themselves so don’t understand a shot release. It makes it much easier for that 3-point shooting that we all know and love. So I’m the court the game is basketball there’s not much you can really add to it so that’s where we go off the court. We now have a new franchise mode called my NBA in which you get to control every aspect of your NBA franchise or franchises as you can control all teams even adding expansion teams but this is not new to NBA 2K. The new aspect of the franchise mode is just the complete customization of what it is you want to do or don’t want to do as you build your team and franchise. The menus got a complete overhaul but nothing confusing as if you are a player of NBA 2K you will catch on fairly quickly. I myself don’t really play much online or game such as my team or my career I am a franchise player and I love to build my team up and try to win championships it sometimes it got caught up and just being the general manager never actually playing the game. If that’s an aspect of the game that you play or love it’s still there it’s just a lot more detailed and there’s a lot more to do or if you choose not to do.

This game is also a lot like Call of Duty or Fortnite in the sense that it is really known for its online play. If you are not aware, you create a player that looks like yourself or resembles yourself or how you would think of you as an NBA player would be in size strength speed and so forth and then you play games to earn credits or points to build up your skill set to compete with some of the best online players there are. And this year they ditched what they called the park and which and prior editions you would go to a park and there would be numerous courts and you would just jump in the courts like you would at an actual Park and say that you have next and jump into a game and try to win your game that you’re participating in. This year’s game didn’t dish that concept the difference is you no longer going to a park to play you’re going to a city that has factions such as east west north south, 50 types of stores to buy your shoes and gear and skateboards. This training facilities for you and your friends just pick up and play some open freestyle basketball and have fun there’s so many options now within what they call in the city that it makes prior versions of their online play seem like freshman basketball while the city you’ve actually made you way up to the big leagues. If you love online for NBA 2K you must get the Next Generation version of this game.

As you can tell I’m kind of a fanboy of NBA 2k21 or all their games really that they’ve come out in the past and I just love basketball in general but this one is different because you get the shiny new look with all the little nuances and details and of course you get updates all the time through 2K with rosters draft picks trades and so on and so forth just like most sports games. If you love me NBA 2K and you pick yourself up a next-generation system do yourself a favor and pick this game up. I’ll see you out on the virtual Hardwood.

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