This is not your typical superhero movie. It is definitely a family friendly superhero movie. To create a movie about a child who doesn’t have a family and then on top of that he gets superhero abilities but that’s not his main purpose in the movie it is to find his mother who ditches him into the foster care system as a child.

The setup of the movie can take a little bit to get into that’s the first 20 minutes or so to set up the main characters premise and the villains backstory. The villain’s backstory is definitely one that is original and that you have not seen before in movies. The interesting part of the villain’s backstory is that it also has a religious connotation.

If you know anything about Shazam you know that Black Adam is his nemesis and he is mentioned in the movie but he is also mentioned in past tense as if he no longer exists this universe. The other Justice League members do exist in this universe as one does show up in the movie and others are mentioned throughout the movie.

I don’t want to give too much away but it’s a very funny movie it has a message about foster children and adoption which is the underlining theme throughout the entire movie.

Shazam on screen is well done and it’s played well by Zachary Levi because he knows he’s playing a 14-year-old but has no clue what he has inherited with these abilities. During the Final Act of the film he understands what he has to do and how to use his abilities giving to him by the wizard Shazam.

There is one end credit scenes but you really won’t understand it unless you look up the history of Shazam within the comic book. It is definitely something that will get a sequel because it is on par with the movie like Ant-Man but a lot more kid friendly.

Don’t go in expecting something you’ve already seen from the DC Universe outside of Aquaman which was very light-hearted and full of action. Don’t expect anything like the Marvel Universe because they’re yet to make a movie like this that appeals to entire families and not just the comic book fan or the individual that has been sucked into that Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Rating 3.5/5

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