You may have already read this but you can’t remember because this site exists in the future therefore it already existed yesterday placed by me but not me now but me….that’s Tenet. I know, confused but remember that other Chris Nolan movie, Inception, dream within a dream within a dream. This movie is just as convoluted and another asinine idea. I apologize, I forgot about Interstellar, another time related plot. This movie has a great cast lead by the son of Denzel Washington, John David Washington. The star of the upcoming “The Batman” Robert Pattinson is also excellent in this movie.

The plot of the movie is very interesting but you can get lost pretty fast or confused. It’s not the premise of the plot it’s the whole entire time travel or time lapsing element of the movie. Christopher Nolan really tries to outdo himself in this movie with the zaniness. Basically, our heroes are trying to find out where the technology to invert objects is coming from. This movie has huge set pieces like a jumbo jet airliner crashing into a building or big massive 18 wheelers and fire truck smashing into each other just like you saw in Nolan’s Dark Knight.

It can feel a little boring at times and drags on to get to where they’re trying to get but it does pay off with every massive set piece that they’re setting up. This movie deals with parallel universes along with time jumping and connecting all the major scenes back to the original characters which is kind of wild. What are main protagonists are after is futuristic shake weight that can manipulate time. A Russian oligarch has got his hands on this shake weight he also happens to be a weapons dealer selling inverted bullets and so forth.

There’s a lot more to this than just finding inverted bullets and how it all works and when you see the plot twist come alive towards the end of the film basically going to blow you away. Christopher Nolan is always looking for that in his movies and how he cannot just lay out of basic plot but somehow in the middle or towards the end flip it on its head and make you think to yourself how did you not connect all that together and it makes sense.

I don’t want to give away too much of the story line but what you may find confusing does all come back together at the end and make sense and you might still be confused about how it makes sense because I sure was but it all works out. You might have to watch this movie twice but I’m not sure your brain can handle it and maybe you’ve already seen it twice maybe three times because the way Christopher Nolan explains time you may have seen this 2 years ago maybe five years from now you may have seen this yesterday but I’m sure you have already seen it tomorrow.

Check it out on digital/Blu-Ray because this is the type of movie that deserved a big screen viewing but well, you know.

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