The Witches

The Witches

HBO Max is a new streaming service or should I say the latest. They offer you great original shows and blockbuster movies that you have seen previously in theaters. Well now they are giving you original movies through their streaming service. And that brings us to the remake of the 1990 movie The Witches. Originally starring Anjelica Huston and is about which is going to a fancy hotel for a convention with a plot to turn all children into mice because witches hate children. This movie is practically no different from the plot to the characters g to the outcome.

This time around the movie stars Anne Hathaway as the main witch trying to devise a plan return all children into mice. It’s a family movie that is not scary and it’s not use practical effects such as the original movie which you made the witches look a lot more hideous and gruesome. It also Stars Chris Rock as the lead narrator of the story telling of that stay at the hotel when he was a child and how he stumbled upon the witches playing. Story does not necessarily revolve around the witches it revolves around a child who lost his parents tragically there an automobile accident and has to live with his grandma (played by Octavia Spencer) and cope with losing his parents I’m trying to adapt to how to Grandma raises him. Eventually it all works out for him when it comes to his grandmother and you decide to take a nice vacation to a beautiful hotel and Alabama.

If you see in the original movie then you’ve pretty much seen this movie but the biggest difference is this movie uses a lot of CGI for the mice and the witches. The only bad looking affecting this movie is the cats that belongs to the Anne Hathaway character.

I think this movie really comes down to somebody wanted to remake this for the current generation of children and getting the better use of the technology that there is available today. It’s not really a movie that needed to be remade. I do think kids will enjoy it quite a lot and I do think parents will too. I also think that most of you reading this that ain’t even see the original movie in 1990 because maybe you were too young or maybe you thought it was too scary. This is a light-hearted family movie with what some people would call a Halloween twist.

It is enjoyable and you would probably watch a few more times with your children every Halloween or so.

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