Venom is not a good movie. It’s not the acting, which is not the greatest it’s not the effects, which are pretty good, it’s the script. I understand it’s hard to write a movie about a villain in the Marvel Universe and especially one whose adversary is Spider-Man and his main premise is basically to destroy Spider-Man and anyone that stands in his way but this movie’s doesn’t have a Spiderman and it has a Venom who’s more like your best friend and your loser buddy from college. It’s so poorly-written that they have Venom tell jokes and this is not the Eddie Brock character this is the actual alien attached to him giving him life advice and just ridiculous things to say.

There’s a motorcycle chase scene which you’ve probably all seen in the preview which is horrible. The action isn’t great and the main protagonist is a good actor but it’s just not that great of a character in the end. The plot is simple. Astronauts find three symbiotes on a meteorite as it coming back from space. They bring them back for research because they feel as though they might help cure diseases and so forth because they haven’t found any cures for cancer/Alzheimer’s on earth and they try to find the perfect host so that they can fully examine analyze and take apart.

Once Eddie Brock finds out that’s this particular company is experimenting on people and killing them and just getting more people which are homeless and just doing that over and over he uncovers it for his news job but it gets him fired because some people are bigger than the news. So, he breaks in and Venom attaches to him and from there it’s a good old buddy comedy.

When they first started making this movie the studio said it was going to be a horror movie rated R very dark well it’s more like we’re watching just buddies having a good old time with each other. In the comic Eddie Brock hates Peter Parker and Spider-Man because he loses his job. If you saw that horrible Spider-Man 3 movie then you basically got the actual plot of Venom. Venom attaches to Spider-Man but Peter doesn’t like the way he’s turning into a bad guy more or less so then Venom find somebody that hates Spider-Man just as much as he does and that would be Eddie Brock and they become the perfect pair.

I think about that we basically got a self-loathing alien who just need somebody just like him. Venom is basically a loser and he says that in the movie that he was a loser on his planet and that him and Eddie are similar in that way and that they’re both losers and they need each other. Could you imagine venom is looking through the classifieds for a roommate and he’s thinking “I need someone just like me, a loser” going in and out of liquor stores just hating life. Eddie Brock, perfect, circle that one I’m moving in. That is basically the story of venom. Whoever wrote this movie should be fired from all movies and whoever plot it out which is possibly the director should also never be allowed to make another movie. If you’re not allowed to use the source material and you can’t involve Spider-Man then you do not have a movie.

Sony could have used any person/ character from the Spider-Man universe to make a movie about and Venom can’t necessarily carry his own film. If anyone tells you that this movie was good punch them in the face and then open up your Facebook page and show him this review. People always tell me the DC movies are bad and there not necessarily wrong but when your movie sucks worse than those movies then you know you’re sucking pretty hard.

In conclusion if all you want to see is Venom on screen then you’re in for a treat because he looks great and the effects are fantastic and great acting by Tom Hardy but do not expect to watch a good movie. If you want to see a good movie go watch A Star is Born featuring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga you’ll be much more entertained.

Rating: 2/5

Best part of the movie: Eminem song during the credits.

Oh yeah before I forget there is an end credit scene which you won’t understand if you don’t know comic books and has to do with Carnage blah blah blah who gives a s*** there will not be another one and if there is God help us all.

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