Wonder Woman 84

Wonder Woman 84

It’s here, finally, Wonder Woman ’84. HBO Max delivers this Christmas with this blockbuster film originally scheduled for release in 2019. This movie was pushed back several times due to Covid but now that it’s here was it worth the wait? Well let’s get into it and see if it really the sequel we’ve been wanting or another DC let down.

As you can tell from the title this movie takes place in 1984 and it doesn’t hesitate to show you. We get all the 80’s goodies from the technology to the clothes. Diana (Gal Gadot) is living in D.C as a archeological specialist and a daytime Batman. What do I mean by that? She keeps herself hidden from the public as much as possible to not expose herself like a Superman. It’s odd that people don’t know who Wonder Woman is at all. So, she’s an undercover super hero working alongside Barbara (Kristen Wig) in the same field, history.

We don’t have the World War backdrop and this takes place way before the other appearances Wonder Woman was in such as BvS and JL. This is a movie with big ambition and a strong message of DREAM BIG and wish for everything you want or not? I know, sounds weird but that’s what we got here.

Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) is the main villain in this story. He’s Bernie Madoff of ’84 trying to swindle people into business deals and basically wanting to gain more power. How’s a guy like Max Lord gain enough power to become a main villain against a powerful hero like Wonder Woman? Magic!

Barbara comes into possession of a ancient stone created by Loki the God of lies. She’s not aware of its power but Diana does and realizes the power it wields should not be used but then Diana uses it thinking that it probably doesn’t work. The catch is whomever makes a wish has to give back to the God of lies. Diana wishes for Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) to comeback and he does.

This is where the movie goes off the rails. I think that bringing back this love interest is a good/bad idea. Diana is so hung up on the 1 man she’s ever met to the point where 30 years after his death she still hasn’t got over it or even entertained dating anyone else. So her wish brings Trevor back and to be honest he loves not just Diana but the 80s. I enjoyed this part of the movie but it also drags a lot and leads to Diana losing half her powers.

Barbara also makes a wish in the movie to be just like Diana so now you have to realize that she went from The Ugly Duckling in the office to getting everyone’s attention but also the powers of Diana without realizing it. Maxwell Lord comes to Barbara to make a donation to her foundation and in return he takes the ancient stone with him and makes a wish of his own. His wish is the ultimate wish and it is to become the stone itself that way he is the one that grants all wishes but also absorbs from the people that make the wishes. Now you see how he becomes the ultimate villain.

Maxwell is not just going around the city of D.C but the world to gain as much power as possible and utilizing it against the people that make the wishes themselves. Diana realizes what Maxwell is doing and must stop him but also realizes she does not have her full powers to do so and the only way to get her full powers back is to renounce her wish which would send Trevor back to where he belongs which is dead.

So, for Diana to realize her true potential to stop Maxwell Lord she needs to undo her wish but Barbara actually makes a new wish to be the most powerful person even more powerful than Diana which then turns her into her true form, Cheetah. The big payoff in the movie is the final 30 minutes in which Barbara and Diana get into a huge fight scene which does come out pretty good and the CGI looks fantastic and of course Maxwell Lord versus Diana which is not a fight scene but more of a lesson learned scene.

I’ve read a lot of reviews on this movie and people don’t seem to I like it very much. I think people wanted a superhero movie packed with a lot of action and a villain that could live up to Wonder Woman. This is a hard thing to achieve with a character such as Wonder Woman because in reality she is just as powerful as Superman so how do you create a villain that could never actually beat the hero such as Wonder Woman. I actually thought it was a well-written movie with a great payoff but with the movie was missing was the heroic side of Wonder Woman. It comes off as if she never wants credit for what she does and constantly wants to be a hidden character to the world.

It tends to drag a lot especially in the middle of the movie and gets a little boring but the character of Max Lord is very interesting and play the little over the top but the character of Barbara really isn’t that interesting and you don’t really care for that character that much. The Steve Trevor storyline is okay but not necessary and doesn’t really lend to the overall story here. It was nice to bring back the character but really was there a purpose to do so.

People love to compare Marvel and DC in that is where the differences are in the sense that the Marvel characters are public superheroes that everyone knows and DC characters are always wanting to keep it a secret that they are heroes. The character of Diana does not want credit for her heroic actions she just wants to show that there is good in the world and to set an example for everyone else. Wonder Woman 84 definitely feels like an 80s movie and I could see this movie coming out in the 80s not with all the elaborate effects but believe me it’s still would have worked.

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