Xbox Series X/S

Xbox Series X/S

It’s that time again when we get ourselves a new generation of home video game consoles. Next Generation all started with the Sega Dreamcast introduced discs as your main delivery system four brand new hi Cutting Edge resolution Graphics which I think at the time was either 64-bit or 128 bit. Then you got the PlayStation and the Xbox that still to this day are the two dominating home consoles for cutting edge graphics. So, the week of November 9th we saw both Microsoft and Sony release their newest home video consoles which consists of the Xbox series X and S along with Sony’s PS5. At the time of this review I have not got my hands on a PS5 but I do have the Xbox consoles so let’s get right into it.

When you talk about next Generation consoles typically it’s about the graphic fidelity and frame rate capability. The last version of the Xbox you got Xbox One along with the Xbox One S and Xbox One X. The Xbox One X was their version of a next-generation console with the ability to give you 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. So, you might think why would I need a next-generation console if the Xbox One X already delivers 2 of the more important factors when playing video games at home. This would be true if the new Xbox series consoles didn’t have more to offer and they do.

The Xbox series X is the high-end $499 console to replace your Xbox One X and here are the key components on to why the new console is better. They both have the same size hard drive which is one terabyte but the difference between the two is that the new Xbox has a solid state drive which allows games to load at Breakneck speeds almost ten times faster than the prior Xbox One X. The prior Xbox had six teraflops that is used for computing speed and how fast they can calculate information and data while the new Xbox doubles that with 12 teraflops. You can imagine how that makes a difference and how much faster it can compute data. It can also do 4K resolution along with 60 frames per second but it can also do 8K resolution it has the ability to do 120 frames per second at a 1080p resolution. It has a much faster user interface as well. You see next generation is not only the resolution or frame rate speed of the games but also how fast they load and how fast information can be processed for your new games. Also, it has the ability to upgrade your games for free to next-generation versions through what they call Smart delivery meaning that if you have a game like Gears of War 5 it now has the ability to be upgraded. It’ll give you the smart delivery which means it’ll upgrade on its own in the background giving you the Next Generation version. One big component of the new console for both Sony and Microsoft is direct Ray tracing.  Ray tracing is when you get reflections off of objects in real time and not mapped over objects predetermined in the game.  This previously can only be achieved through high-end computer graphic cards now is found on the Next Generation console.  A good example is that if you’re walking by a window of a building and you look at it you will see yourself but you will see everything in real time happening behind you and the reflections of reflections of reflection in real time bouncing off anything behind you off the window such as cars or even other buildings with Windows as well.  It creates a much more realistic feel to it.  You’ll notice it a lot at first because you’ll tend to look for it so you can see that graphical enhancement but of course is like any other video game or console after time it’ll just be something in the game. This is truly a great achievement for home consoles because again this is something you would only find on very expensive graphic cards for computer gamers. It also has a HDMI 2.1 connection speed for the ability to do 120 frames per second.

To take full advantage of this console and any Next Generation console such as the PlayStation 5 I will suggest that you do have a 4K TV that can run a minimum of 60 frames per second but you’re probably better off getting one that runs 120 frames per second or true motion of 240 frames per second. Most TVs prior to 2019 do not have HDMI 2.1 but that will not be necessary to play most games in 4K resolution because 4K gaming cannot give you a better frame rate than 60 frames per second. The series X version runs both digital versions of the game and physical disc copies and that is why it is $200 more than the series S.

Now let’s get into the series S. The all-digital version of Microsoft’s newest Next Generation console is about a third of the size of the series X. Here are the main differences. The series S only has a 500gb hard drive and only 360 GB is available for you to use. Unlike the series X which allows you to use 825 gigabytes of space out of the one terabyte it comes with. The series s does do ray tracing almost equivalent to the x. It also can run 60 frames per second and 120 frames per second only having 4 teraflops of Computing speed. It cannot do 4K resolution but it does do 1440p and 1080p and due to some games trying to utilize Ray tracing and other high-resolution Fidelity components it’ll go down to 900 P but it does upscale to 4K for some games at 60 frames per second. Just like the series X the system also has very fast load times. One thing that both systems have is a expandable hard drive slot in the back what you can get at a very pricey $229 but I will give you one terabyte of additional space.

To take advantage of the fast load times and even the Next Generation games you’re going to have to store these onto the SSD internal or expandable hard drive due to the velocity proprietary technology that Microsoft has created along with Seagate and if you put them on an external hard drive you will not be able to play next Generation games off of that and you will not get the load speeds as well. Those are the main differences of both systems with one being digital and one using a physical disk drive. I would suggest that if you’re somebody that plays maybe four or five games that are typically online such as Minecraft, Call of Duty, Fortnite and maybe the occasional racer or sports game go with the series S but if you’re a hardcore gamer the plays a plethora of games and loves the highest technology and gadgets and wants to full capability of what next Generation offers get the series X.

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