Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Remember in 2017 when you went to the theater to watch the Justice League filled with all your favorite DC Comics characters and you walked out saying “now I do think Captain Marvel was good”. It cleansed your pallet off all the good superhero movies and left crap on your mind, yup, you do. In 2017 Josh Whedon gave us Justice League. It was a movie that was some parts Zack Snyder and mostly reshoots to give the movie his Marvel (Whedon directed Avengers 1 and 2) magic to DC by adding light hearted jokes and removing the darker tone that Zack Snyder (original director) set with all his incarnation of DC films. It was a 2 hour cut and paste job that had no character development of any kind and was a basic JL adventure from a Saturday morning cartoon. It was fine, good, no but it gave fans more DC and jokes. It was mildly successful at the box office and went in to spawn Aquaman, Wonder Woman and upcoming Flash film. It’s was WB/DC wanted, family superhero movies. Then Twitter/Vero came along and decided that wasn’t good enough.

Here comes the biggest reason for WB to let Zack Snyder finish his version of Justice League, SUBSCRIBERS. The hashtag #Snydercut drove the online masses to push WB to make this version of the movie and put it on their new streaming service, HBO MAX. Finally, in 2020 the announcement came out that the Zack Snyder original vision of the Justice League is coming.

So here we are, 2021 on HBO MAX and it’s here. A 4 hour movie that is completely different in tone and overarching plot. We got a cartoon the first time and the second time around we get a dark menacing threat that is bigger than 5 heroes can handle and leads us to a path that doesn’t have any PG jokes and a scared Flash, no, he’s a real hero in this one.

Let’s not drag this out any more than it needs to. Steppenwolf is back because you can’t change the movie that drastically it still has the same bones only difference is somebody came in and gutted entire house kept the framework and made it nice and shiny and new. The plot has changed because we get an all-new villain in Darkseid. Steppenwolf is no longer trying to just collect the mother boxes as he was in the first iteration of the Justice League but he’s trying to get back in good graces with Darkseid by collecting the mother boxes for him and handing the world to Darkseid as a gift that has been conquered but there’s a catch Steppenwolf has found that on earth the anti-life equation exists and that is what Darkseid has always been wanting and looking for. So now Steppenwolf has to not only give him the mother boxes but also the anti life equation and he will be back in Darkseid’s good graces. That’s the new plot in the movie and really brings a new dynamic to both Steppenwolf character and of course Darkseid who is the big bad that we’ve all been waiting for.

Now what is different about our heroes? The biggest difference in this movie is that characters are actually developed and you see how Batman is trying to bring everyone together for what’s going to be coming. In the first iteration of this movie Batman does a little bit of this but it’s like 5 minutes here 5 minutes there you don’t need to know too much about these characters you just know that we’re going to get together to form a group and try to save the day. In the Zack Snyder version of the movie, we get 4 hours which is primarily character development and you get to see how Flash explains his powers and what they are capable of doing and Wonder Woman’s background and how it ties into more than just the mother box and how the amazons have always been battling in some way shape or form against Darkseid and his forces along with the atlanteans and the kryptonians and so forth. You get more back story for Aquaman which is always fun. We learned more about Batman with the help of Alfred who was very prominent in this version. But the true star of this movie is Cyborg and his back story and how it pertains to the overarching plot with his connection to the mother boxes which basically created Cyborg. He turned out to be a fantastic character which in the first version in 2017 he was one of the least favorite characters. Where does that leave Superman? Wel,l he does come back to life just like we knew he would but the way it’s done is slightly better in the sense of showing them actually dig the body up and how they go about getting him inside of the kryptonian spaceship to bring him back to life and even though it runs along the same lines of the previous version it just has more depth to it or has more padding as some would say that brings that scene better to life. Another difference between the two movies is that the Snyder cut has longer action sequences that you can tell were edited out the first time around from the action scenes that you have seen. This movie is rated R because it is violent and people do die and get bloody murdered from the beginning of the movie to the end of the movie.

This is not Wonder Woman 84 because the Wonder Woman we’re getting in this movie will cut off your head probably put it in a box and then deliver it to your parents as a present on your choosing of Holidays. This Batman is also not giving any ***** about you if you are a bad guy and he will punish you. Saving grace when it comes to our collective characters is the Flash and Cyborg still hold on to that innocence of not being veteran heroes. But this movie is broken into chapters so you don’t have to sit there and watch the whole thing in four hours as for myself I actually watched it in three different hour and a half segments or so. It doesn’t feel like a movie that’s just been drawn out and just crammed in more and more for you to see it just feels like a never ending show that you would stream or binge and you kind of don’t want it to end you want to see where it keeps going.

The special effects are fantastic as Warner Brothers gave Zack Snyder an additional $75 million to finish this movie and you can tell he put every penny into it as we get to see Darkseid numerous times along with Steppenwolf’s brand new look which is way more menacing and of course all the effects that come with are superheroes. The real treat is the end of the movie there’s an epilogue and it shows us the nightmare world which is basically giving this a glimpse into what Justice League two and three would be about. What’s great about this scene is we get to see future Batman, Mera, Cyborg, Deathstroke, the Flash and surprisingly the Joker. Jared Leto makes his appearance in this movie as the Joker Anne this version of the Joker compared to the Suicide Squad that you have seen before is night and day. He steals the entire scene and really shows people what his version of the character could be if he had a movie where he was the primary antagonist. I want to see that movie after seeing this version of the Joker. You do get to see a surprise character which I won’t give it away but if you seen the movie then you know who I’m talking about.

To wrap things up this is a four hour epic drama adventure that adds more terror and threat to the plot and character development and leaves you wanting more as it leads you down a path of holy **** what’s next. Some people will say well it’s just the same movie again and they’ll be correct in the sense of it does hit the same beats because that’s what the original director that took over Josh Whedon had to work with and he was told to make it a 2 hour movie no more no less and also to try to make it as Marvel as he could. This is the true tone of the DCEU which is always been given to us as dark and how would superheroes really respond or react to situations and would they react to them in a dire sense that they know that this isn’t going to be easy and this might be the last fight we ever have. That’s always been kind of the tone of Zack Snyder movies that the heroes are reluctant to really go all out until they need to and when they do have to fight for their lives it’s going to be an all-out war. This movie is no different as our heroes I put to the test and when they band together there’s no stopping the Justice League.

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